Drums are ancient instruments

The ability to play drums is very much about coordination between. Feet and hands if it is a drum kit and tactile feeling. You create different rhythmic patterns that will work for the other music.

The drum kit is available in different variants and models. But there is a standard drum set, and this drum kit includes a bass drum. This drum plays with the right foot pedal, and this pedal is connected to a club. That turns on the drum when the pedal is pressed. The bass drum is the largest and lowest tuned drum that is in a drum kit. And it is this drum that will form the basis of the music.

The size and proportions of the drum

The diameter of the drums affects the pitch. Small diameter = high pitch. Large diameter = low pitch (increased bass sound). The depth of the drums affects the resonance and the reverberation. Ground drums = short reverberation, deep drums = long reverberation and more volume-strong.

One drum kit

Or a drum kit that they can also be called, is just a set of several different percussion instruments. These percussion instruments are mainly drums, snares and cymbals, and you play with either drumsticks, whiskers or lollipops to produce sound on these instruments. In one drum set, several of these instruments can also be handled with the help of pedals, and this is one of the things that the player on the drum set can handle and play on many instruments at the same time.

Common wood species in drums are








Drums are in most cases made of wood, but not all wood types are suitable for drum construction. The wood type must be hard but not all too hard as it. Then becomes too difficult to process the drum shape of the drums. All wood species have their unique properties and the drum manufacturers are keen to emphasize the sound properties of the wood species. But the fact is that only about 10-15% of the drum’s sound can be attributed to the choice of wood.


The majority of today’s drums are manufactured using thin wood plywood which, within a mold, is glued together layer by layer. The layers are called “ply” (eg 6-ply drum) in English and the number of layers varies.

The construction of drums

How the drum is constructed is an important factor that determines how the drum sounds. Different construction methods give drums different properties. And these are important to know in order to be able to choose the right type of drums for the desired purpose. For example, high volume drums, high pitch and long reverberation or perhaps completely different properties are desired? A hard rock drummer with gigs in large premises needs completely different drums than. For example, a jazz drummer who wants to play in small premises.

Solid drum

Is a drum built from a single piece of wood. There are manufacturers who turn out a drum from a large piece of wood. The method is complicated and costly but also has its advantages. Because it does not require any glue or reinforcement rings. More commonly, drums are built from a single piece of wood using a board. The board is made malleable by means of steam and then bent around a round shape.