My ecigg makes me unbeatable!

My name is Oliver, I am 32 years old and work as a poker pro and am ecigg smoker. This has been done for 14 years now and in this profession I have experienced both high peaks but also deep valleys.

I like to romanticize the image of smoking and consuming strong drinks at the poker table, it feels like old-school. When I have played tournaments abroad, there is usually no problem with that. In Sweden, it has been different since 2005. It never smokes here. So I have had to run between the table and out the street every time I wanted to take a smoke.

A close friend thought I was stupid who did not test ecigg instead

Then I could calmly sit at the table. And so it became. My focus is better off not having to move as soon as the craving comes. But the biggest gain is my body and health that now thank me every day because I have now put off cigarettes completely and instead switched to ecigg. The poker game has just gone better which is also to my great advantage.

Many of my poker playing colleagues have taken my back on me and also quit completely to use only ecigg instead. There is always something for every taste bud, right now I’m happy to push the juice with the taste of honey when it starts to heat up at the poker table. My switch to ecigg has really changed my life in a positive direction.

My girlfriend says I look much better

It’s among the best receipt I can get. And not because money is a bigger problem, I also save a lot of money not having to buy cigarette packets every other day. The money can instead be put on common holidays. Now I and my ecigg will go to the next tournament.

Ecigg smoking

I can really recommend ecigg to everyone out there. Especially all of you who are stuck in the tobacco swamp. This is an investment in both pleasure and the future. Feel well!