Then choose your first guitar

What distinguishes a “good” electric guitar from a “worse” one can of course be discussed from many different perspectives.

Electric guitar or acoustic guitar?

Anyone who wants to start playing electric guitars has a huge range to choose from. Ranging from the instruments themselves to the amplifiers, the recording microphones and the other accessories. The quality has gone up, not least among the cheaper electric guitars, while prices have fallen.

When you are in the process of buying guitar, you should also consider how you will play on it. The body is a little differently designed where it is attached to the grip board. Some guitars have a cutout (cutaway) that allows you to play on the last bands.

Generally speaking, one can say that the more expensive guitars are usually instruments of higher quality. But what makes a guitar have higher quality? With higher quality we usually mean that something is made of parts with better properties and longer durability.

Nylon-stranded or steel-stringed guitar?

The nylon-strung guitar, which also goes by the name of classic or Spanish guitar. Is mostly smaller in length and has a smaller body than a steel-stringed guitar. The big difference when it comes to playing it is. That it has a wider neck and softer strings than a steel string. The softer material of the strings often makes the beginner choose to buy guitar with nylon strings.

A steel-strung guitar that sometimes goes by the name of the Western guitar has its followers mainly because of its sound. It has a bigger sound and is optimal to play chords because the strings are properly tight and the tones ring out for a long time.

Manufacturing country

It can be seen that most cheap instruments are manufactured in countries with cheaper labor. The labor cost is a decisive competitive factor. Japan is the country that already began to develop knowledge and skills in guitar production in the 1970s. And with its lead, they also lead the quality league in Asia. Korea, Indonesia and China are some examples of countries that manufacture cheaper instruments today. Although it will also get more expensive custom shop instruments even get these countries, perhaps with China as an exception.

Materials and construction

The choice of materials is very much about wood and how they are treated and selected. Common wood species are spruce and mahogany. The lid (top of the body) is usually in spruce and neck in mahogany. The cheaper guitars are usually made of wood, which has inferior properties when it comes to resonance. That is, the guitar’s sound that makes the “tone” is bulky does not die too quickly. Wood quality is the single most important thing to secure if you are going to have a top guitar.

More expensive guitars often have a rim and a back of rosewood. The primary point in the matter of material is that the lid is made of solid spruce. Or other wood, and not in compressed layers. It is the cover that is most often involved in reproducing the acoustic sound and therefore. The material for this part is especially important to consider when you are going to buy the guitar. For electric guitars, this is less important as the microphone system is more crucial.

The sound

In addition to what has already been said. You should try different guitars yourself to find something with a sound you like. It can also be an idea to listen to models via video reviews that can be found on the Internet. Especially for the beginner, such demonstrations can give a good idea of ​​the guitar’s potential, however. Keep in mind that the amplifier affects the sound if it is an electric guitar that is being demonstrated and even though it is an acoustic guitar played without amplifier. The sound probably goes via a microphone that makes the sound somewhat warmer .

Bet on a famous brand

It pays off, regardless of the price level. The brand is important for many electric guitar buyers, especially those who buy their first, and for good reason. Customers want a brand that feels reliable, even if you buy a cheaper variant. And with the larger manufacturers you get high quality instruments. Squier subsidiary of the giant Fender Ibanez and Epiphone subsidiary of another giant Gibson. Are all very popular brands, especially among first-time buyers.